The Electric Uno Bike
Vineri, 1 Decembrie 2023
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The Electric Uno Bike

Newest Form of Green Transport: the Electric Uno Motor Bike, Two Wheels Side-by-Side

Motorete electrice The inventor says riding this bike is easy, you just have to learn to trust it.

18 year old Canadian Ben Gulak has spent a lot of time developing this motorbike, which resembles a unicycle in every way, except that it has two wheels, side by side.

How is it balanced? Ben uses gyroscopic technology to keep the bike upright, and it responds only to body movements.

Lean forward, the faster you go, lean backwards and you slow down, and to either side, you get the idea.

It isn’t the speediest bike around, reaching 25 mph on a full charge, which lasts about 2.5 hours. A larger motor, however, would increase the speed, but how fast would you want to go on a unicycle?

When you’re not riding, just plug it into a wall socket and you’re ready to go. It isn’t known what type of batteries are used.

Ben is hoping an investor likes his idea and will help him put it into full production.

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